Noel Fowlie

(704) 699-9544


JavaScript, HTML, CSS, VueJS, ReactJS, Svelte, Next, Nuxt, NodeJS, NGINX, Git, Jira, RedHat, pm2, Oracle, DNS, Linux, MacOS, Windows, MUI X, Soap


Digichief, Los Angeles, CA – Front End Developer (Freelance)

April 2024 – Current
  • Software development for digital signage and interactive displays that allow for customer editable designs.
  • Projects have included:
  • Slideshows with data from feeds
  • Projects utilize HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Banc of California, Los Angeles, CA – Front End Developer

November 2022 – Current
  • Developing front end applications for internal banking use and managing servers for those applications as well as modernizing existing Java applications.
  • Projects include:
    • MOD Approval
      • A large scale application built for tracking and reporting pipeline activity.
      • Allows for specified users and user groups to approve transactions and sends automatic email notifications based on approval activity.
      • Allows for creating and managing approval templates, email groups, email events, and user approvals.
      • Allows for searching of pending and approved approval items. Showcasing voting histories and relavent documents to each approval.
    • Wire Transfer Search
      • A web application that allows users to search for, filter, and export wire transfer data.
    • Enabling Single Sign On with LDAP utilizing nextauth and Oracle to grant user permissions
      • User permissions granted access to specific internal tools as well as specific features of those tools based on permission level
    • Designing intuitive web applications for users to GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE data
  • Responsibilities include:
    • Designing and implementing modern web applications that will replace aging infrastructure
    • Writing Build and Deploy scripts in bash that pulls from the latest commit of our repositories
    • Setting up and managing an NGINX web server running on RedHat
  • Projects have utilized HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS, NextJS, NGINX, MUI X, soap, pm2, RedHat, Oracle, and bash

Extra, Los Angeles, CA - Senior Front End Developer

November 2021 - September 2022
  • Worked on many aspects of the business from Front End Development to Dev Ops to Organization structure changes
  • Projects have included:
    • Landing and Influencer Pages
      • Built out Landing and Influencer Pages in Webflow
      • Lead the transition of our Landing and Influencer Pages from Webflow into SanityIO
    • Giveaways
      • Made self building route giveaway pages that pull data from SanityIO based on the URL in the browser
    • Sign-up Flow Redesign
      • Worked on the sign-up flow redesign for our company
      • Built pixel perfect designs
      • Built an Address verification step using Smarty
      • Hooked up the new sign-up flow to existing and new api endpoints
    • Build Process Optimization
      • Decreased our build and deploy time for our site from 40 minutes to 15 minutes by debugging issues within our build process
    • Documentation Revamp
      • Led a department wide effort to create searchable up to date documentation
    • Onboarding Revamp
      • Led a department wide effort to optimize our onboarding process
      • Created Templatized Onboarding Documents that are used to create individualized Onboarding Experiences for new hires
  • Projects have utilized HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VueJS, React, React Native, Webflow, SanitIO, Google Tag Manager, Google Optimize, and Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager (GTM)
    • Created custom tags and events in GTM
  • Google Optimize
    • Ran multiple A/B tests across our site to determine which design direction to go towards
  • Google Analytics

Mood Media, Fort Mill, SC - Front End Developer

January 2017 - July 2021
  • Software development for digital signage and interactive displays.
  • Projects have included:
    • Restaurant Menus
    • Building Directories
    • Event Calendars
    • Slideshows with data from feeds
      • Including OAuth enabled data
        • Using Twitter APIs to pull down user search queries for display
    • Jukebox style music voting application
    • In Store and Trade Show Kiosks
  • Projects have utilized HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and VueJS
  • Writing NodeJS applications to pull data from feed sites
    • Pulling information such as weather, event data, stock pricing, etc for display on digital signage.
  • Interactive touch screen web applications optimized for low powered devices.

Wells Fargo, Charlotte, NC - Jr. Front End Developer

June 2015 - December 2016
  • Developed the front end for internal inventory management software.
  • Contributed to various other internal tools.
  • Utilized Angular 1.x, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript


University of North Carolina Charlotte, Charlotte — Management And Information Systems

August 2011 - May 2015

Hobbies and Interests

Web development, game development, raspberry pi tinkering, reading, video games, anime, longboarding.