An auto expanding grid with identically sized squares that produces a tile explosion effect on click. Repo Link
Tiles 3D
An auto expanding grid with identically sized cubes that raise up when hovered. Repo Link
Personal Site
My personal resume site that showcases projects I have worked on and my skill set. Repo Link
FlipperZero Animation Tool
An application for creating custom animations for the FlipperZero. Repo Link
Pikmin Party
A web application that plays a Pikmin noise on a random interval. It adds a small delight to get togethers. Repo Link
Trinity Force Network General Gaming Lootbox
A site made to celebrate the 100th episode of TFN's General Gaming podcast. On the site you can unlock audio clips of the various news songs throughout its runtime. Repo Link
BUNNYWARNING's Personal Site
Personal site for BUNNYWARNING. Hosted on Neocities, this site was a complete re-write of his existing personal site to increase performance and allow for responsive design. Repo Link